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Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

Aquatic Invasive Species

Estimates vary, but it is likely that over 180 different species have invaded the Great Lakes watershed. Invasives can outcompete our natives, change the biological pathways of nutrients and toxins, become a nuisance by fouling man-made structures, or have entirely unforeseen impacts on the natural community or regional economies. Staying on top of new invasions and striving to prevent future ones is essential to Lake Erie's future health.

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Started: 2/1/2011

Development and implementation of a new molecular test for active VHS infection in fish


Started: 10/1/2009

Cytological events in the early development of normal and gynogenetic embryos of sea lamprey


Started: 6/16/2008

Development of an Unstructured Grid of Lake Erie for Hydrodynamic Modeling

R/ZM-032-ST Project Status R/ZM-032-ST: Completed

Started: 6/9/2008, Status: Completed

Factors affecting the habitat association of Hexagenia and Dreissena: Effects of hypoxia and fish predation


Started: 6/1/2007

Round Goby-Dreissenid Mussel Community Ecology in Western Lake Erie: Tenth Year of a Long-term Study

R/REU-006-ST Project Status R/REU-006-ST: Completed

Started: 5/29/2007, Status: Completed

Ship Time for 2007 REU project (60 hours)

R/PS-037 Project Status R/PS-037: Completed

Started: 3/31/2006, Status: Completed

Sonochemical sequestration of PAHs in sediments


Started: 6/1/2005

Trophic structure and water quality along a patch-size gradient of herbicide-treated Phragmites in a Lake Erie coastal wetland


Started: 3/1/2005

Fourth year of a Dreissenid Mussel Competition Study


Started: 6/15/2003

Habitat preference and behavioral interactions between round goby and yellow perch

A/EP-007 Project Status A/EP-007: Completed

Started: 6/1/2003, Status: Completed

A National ANS Outreach Campaign for the Aquarium Industry and Hobbyists Consumers: A Collaborative Effort Involving the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Great Lakes Sea Grant Network

R/ER-029-PD Project Status R/ER-029-PD: Completed

Started: 6/1/2003, Status: Completed

Distribution and abundance of fishes in native and non-native macrophytes in Old Woman Creek estuary


Started: 3/1/2003

Report on Sea Grant-Supported Nonindigenous Species Projects

R/MB-002 Project Status R/MB-002: Completed

Started: 9/1/2002, Status: Completed

Sea Grant Technology: Assessment of Antifouling Mechanisms of Non-toxic Natural Product Antifoulant Incorporated Silicone Coatings


Started: 6/1/2002

Trophic transfer of heavy metals to top predators: Quantifying the role of non-native species